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Our Clinic

Cosmetic Dental Care International is conveniently located just 25m from the bustling high-level road, with two entrances—one from the high-level road and another through the Old Kesbewa Road via Jambugasmulla Road. Surrounded by lush greenery, our dental hospital offers a transformative escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, providing a serene environment for unparalleled dental treatments. Ample parking is available on the ground floor, with the first and second floors exclusively dedicated to delivering the highest standard of dental care in Sri Lanka.

Our goals

  • All teeth should be free of caries.

  • Should not have any missing teeth in your mouth.

  • Teeth should be physically strong with correct chemical compositions.

  • All teeth should correctly be aligned with their acceptable shape and colour.

  • Periodontal diseases should be treated and should have good periapical tissues (tissues around the tooth) which support better anchorage of the tooth.

  • Exclude precancerous lesions and risk factors

We always strive to achieve these goals while serving you in all your visits to our surgery.


We assure you that we will provide a complete treatment to your utmost satisfaction. 

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