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How Implants work at CDCI

Permanent solution for missing teeth 

We understand Dental Implants can be scary so to help you better understand the procedures involved in the placement and the prosthetic correction involved we've broken it down into its different phases.

Phase I: Treatment Planning Phase

1. Initial patient consultation at each office.
2. Initial phone conversation/consultation between the dentist and the patient.
3. Pre-surgical meeting with the dentists.
4. Construction of the surgical transitional dental appliance.

Phase II: Surgical Phase
Performed by our residence Implantologist, Dr.Mayura Gamalath.

1. Local anesthesia or IV sedation anesthesia.

2. Surgical osteoplasty (bone trim) for implant positioning and/or bone grafting.
3. Surgical placement of Dental Implants.
4. Gingivoplasty (recontouring of gums) to achieve primary wound closure.
5. Placement of transitional appliance.
6. Approximately 1-3 postoperative visits before initial surgery.

Phase III: Post - Surgical Phase
This phase is after 2 to 3 months of the abutment-implant placement, except for immediate implant and loading.


The following procedures will be performed:

1. Surgical placement of gingival healing cuffs.
2. Gingivoplasty (recontouring of gums).
3. Adapt existing prosthesis.
4. Obtain impressions for the reconstructive phase.

Phase IV: Reconstructive Phase
1-4 weeks after the Post Surgical Phase III


The following procedures will be performed:


1. Evaluation of implant placement and measuring of tissue cuffs height.
2. Abutment placement and final impression of implants and transfer posts.
3. Metal try-in of the framework, bite registration and shade selection
4. Placement of the final prosthesis.

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