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Your journey to 
exceptional dental care
begins with us.

Our Clinic
Welcome to our Clinic

Cosmetic Dental Care International (CDCI) is proud to be the leading, most trusted dental clinic in Sri Lanka serving our patients for over 25 years. At CDCI, we are dedicated to delivering the most optimal and efficient care for all your dental needs. Our clinic offers you a world-class dental experience with all your dental requirements met under one roof, right here in Nugegoda.


Equipped with new and improved equipment, highly qualified doctors, and nurses, we deliver treatments that meet international standards. From routine check-ups to implant procedures, we've got all your dental needs covered.


Join us to discover the difference of personalized, state-of-the-art dental care for a brighter and healthier smile.

Exceptional Dentists.
Exceptional Dental Care.


When it comes to dentistry we've got everything!

No matter what dental issue you may have we've got you covered. Come into the clinic for a free consultation and leave with a personalised treatment plan which targets all your needs efficiently at a reasonable price and time frame which suits you.

As the name suggests, restorative dentistry involves restoring decayed teeth to bring them back to their normal function. The main goal is to improve oral health and allow the withstanding of normal biting force for efficient and effective chewing. 

Amalgam restoration 

Composite restoration 

Crown post filling 

GIC restoration 

Root canal treatment 

Preventive dental treatments help maintain good oral health. It includes good daily brushing techniques to scaling and polishing to remove plaque buildup. Preventive dentistry hugely involves patients' knowledge in regard to looking after their teeth.


Scaling and polishing 

Fissure sealants 

Topical fluoride application

Prosthetic dentistry involves the restoration of missing or impaired teeth. It can range from more removable prostheses such as dentures to permanent solutions such as implants. Prosthetic dentistry is vital for managing the weight load and for aesthetics.  

Crowns and Bridges 



Surgical dentistry involving the extraction of teeth can take place when other options such as restorative treatments are not doable. It also includes the removal of wisdom teeth and taking care of small oral issues surgically. Most treatments will involve the use of local anaesthesia.

Simple extractions

Surgical excision of oral lumps and mucoceles 

Wisdom teeth removal

Orthodontic treatments involve correcting abnormalities in teeth and jaw position to improve function and/or aesthetics. Braces are used followed by a retainer and surgical extraction of teeth might be necessary in some cases. All will be advised by our dentists. 

Cosmetic dentistry is a form of oral care with an emphasis on the appearance of the teeth. You are in capable hands with our dentists who will help you attain that brilliant smile.


Teeth whitening

Ceramic veneering  

Pediatric dentistry involves looking after the oral health of children to adolescents. You can rest assured our dentists and staff will provide a space where your child will feel comfortable and be educated on the importance of looking after their teeth, and habits that should be created when young. 

Come in for a free consultation today!

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